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Photoshop for iPhone! Free!

Dude! Adobe just released a free Photoshop App for iPhones!

Being a big fan of iPhone photography (the number one camera used on Flickr uploads), this makes me happy.

Yeah. It’s basic. But here is some cool stuff that it can do:

  • Basics: Crop, Rotate, and Flip
  • Color: Exposure Saturation, Tint, and Black & White
  • Filters: Sketch, Soft focus
  • Effects: Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette, Blur, Warm, Vintage, Rainbow (gay?), White Glow, Soft Black & White

Here are some pics courtesy of CNet and Gizmodo….

Filters of course…

Upload to (free 2GB worth of storage/sharing space)….

Whatever else you feel….

I like this app a lot. The interface is high-quality. Sure, other apps do the same thing in less cool applications. But since when can you get Photoshop for free, right?

Check it out!